Vision & Mission

What we are about

Nelson Youth Centres responds to the mental health needs and contributes to the wellness of our community by strengthening families and enabling the emotional and social well-being of children and youth.To provide services throughout Halton in a homelike environment where no child is turned away.

Our History

Initiated by the Outreach Committee of Port Nelson United Church, a youth program was developed in the 1970s to address problematic adolescent behaviours. Through this program, support was provided to youth and families who experienced behaviour problems.

Together with Ron Coupland of the Halton Children’s Aid Society, Judge James Fuller of Halton Family Court, Burlington Regional Councillor David Coon, and others in the community, a project was designated to teach youth responsible behaviour, and to provide individual and group counselling.

Nelson Youth Centres  opened in 1978 to meet the needs of youth in Halton. It is located in a renovated farmhouse owned by the City of Burlington. Since its inception, the Nelson Youth Centres has grown in response to the needs of its community.

Today, The Centre is an accredited children’s mental health centre that provides a rich array of therapeutic group programs for children and youth and parent support services to support the emotional and social well being of children and youth while strengthening families in the community.

Board of Directors


Cindy McClure

Executive Director
Larry Jackson

Larry Jackson

Don Moore

Don Moore


Chris Carter

Vice Chair

Therapeutic Programs

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Intended Impact

Nelson Youth Centres provides unique holistic client centered clinical treatments and support to youth between the ages of 6 and 17, with identified mental health challenges. Our collaborative, community based, multi-disciplinary approach ensures timely delivery of appropriate interventions that supports and develops social/emotional competencies in the children we serve. Our practices empower families and their children through the learning, applying, and developing of proven skills and strategies in order to enhance healthy attachment and developmental relationships. Our work reduces the use of intensive mental health services and supports healthy social participation in the community.

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