Reconnecting Youth

A program for quality of life

Trusteeship  Phone: 905-977-8863

Program Goals:
• To provide counselling support to teach and develop life skills; decision making; peer relationships; motivate youth to develop plans for a successful future; and enhance self-esteem in a safe and supportative environment.
• To provide an individual and family therapy for  youth who are struggling with significant mental health issues including but not limited to depressin and anxiety, trauma, anger management,  and communication skills.

Program Details:
• Community-based program focusing on self-esteem, developing social/emotional skills, and healthy lifestyle choices.
• Parents are provided with programs to support them as resources for aiding their child’s transition into adulthood.
• Provides trusteeship for Ontario Works if required

To register for our Reconnecting Youth Program
Please contact Jill Shaughnessy- Intake Coordinator
E-mail –  or at 905-681-2611

E-mail –  or  at 905-977-8863

Qualifying Criteria:
• Youth between the age of fourteen and seventeen.
• Youth are residents of Halton.
• Referrals are welcomed from parents/guardians, medical professionals, schools, etc.

The Reconnecting Youth Program is designed to support youth who are having difficulty coping at home, at school, and/or in the community. These difficulties often lead to poor decision making, conflict with authority figures, and difficulties in social groups. The program works with key issues that affect youth today such as low self-esteem, depression, peer pressure, anger management issues, academic stress and maintaining healthy relationships.

Counsellors and therpist work individually with youth and their parents to aid the youth in the transition from adolescence to adulthood and to realize their full potential. Youth learn to set goals and are taught life skills. This motivates them to develop a plan for a successful future and to maintain and/or improve their school attendance and work completion as they prepare for graduation. The program also aims to provide families with effective parenting strategies which help create healthy relationships in a nurturing home environment.