Program Goals:
• To aid children who are at risk of losing their school placement.
• To enable the child to maintain their school placement and eventually be fully integrated back into their school setting.
• To provide a positive learning environment in which social skills, problem solving, and building self-esteem are addressed through programs tailored to each child’s needs.

Program Details:
• Cultivates the development of effective social/emotional skills and learning strategies
• Children attend one afternoon a week
• The program operates from September to June and runs on a twelve week session with a maximum of six youth with two Child and Family Counsellors

Qualifying Criteria:
• Children between the age of nine and thirteen years.
• Children who attend school in Halton.
• Referrals are welcomed from parents/guardians, medical professionals, schools, etc.

The Half Day Intensive Program focuses on a child’s learning and emotional needs as identified by their parents and school personnel. The program incorporates a therapeutic curriculum to address the needs of children with learning and/or behavior issues which interfere with their ability to be successful in school.

During their placement, the child engages in skill-building activities tailored to their unique needs. These include one-on-one instruction, group work, and specialized computer programs for learning enhancement. In addition, the program provides many social opportunities that empower participating children to learn from each other.

Parents, teachers and support staff are all a vital part of the programming and provide the support needed to help the child use their new skills outside of the program setting. Parents are provided with ongoing supports and interventions through family and planning meetings to address their child’s needs and to establish an effective working relationship with their child’s school.

To register for our Half Day Intensive Program
Please contact Jill Shaughnessy – Intake Coordinator
E-mail – or at 905-681-2611