Saturday Social Skills

Once a week social sessions

Program Goals:
• To develop age appropriate friendships, clear communication, and problem solving strategies in a safe, nurturing environment for children with Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD).

Program Details:
• Focuses on the development of social skills through cooperative games, arts and crafts, outings, and group work.
• Parents are supported through information on resources, services, and strategies used in the Centre and available in the community.

Qualifying Criteria:
• Children between the age of eight and twelve.
• Children who are residents of Halton.
• Referrals are welcomed from parents/guardians, medical professionals, schools, etc.

Each week children participate in a predictive, organized schedule designed to foster skill growth through innovative activities. The schedule starts with supervised free play, giving children an opportunity to work on building friendships, communication skills, and fair play. Children then share their news for the week in front of the group with a question and answer period after. This is a social skills lesson that focuses on improving self esteem, communication, and interactive peer questioning.

The late morning activity allows children to show their creativity through a variety of arts and crafts activities. Snacks and lunch are eaten together to encourage the children to communicate with peers and staff while enjoying a break from scheduled activities. Afternoons are often spent in the community where the children can practice their new and improved social skills. Typical outings include Nelson Pool and the local library or play gym.

To register for our Saturday Social Skills Program
Please contact Jill Shaughnessy – Intake Coordinator
E-mail –  or at 905-681-2611