After School Therapeutic

After school program for Youth

The After School Treatment Program targets children and youth who struggle within emotional (identifying and expressing feelings, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, managing anger and frustration), social (building and maintaining positive peer relationships, understanding and reading social cues i.e. body language, nonverbal and verbal communication, conversational and interactional skills), or behavioural (conflict resolution, decision-making, self-regulation, disruptive or aggressive behaviours) issues. The program provides therapeutic group based intervention, individual counselling and family therapy. In conjunction with the child and youth program parents and or guardians are provided with family support through a 4 week family support group.

The After School Treatment Program aims to assist and empower children and youth in the community to work towards their identified goals, to enhance self-esteem, and to build social and life skills. Nelson Youth Centres utilizes a variety of strengths-based approaches and resources i.e. Developmental Assets, Zones of Regulation, Superflex, andDBT Concepts and Mindfulness,depending on the unique needs of each group.

Program Goals

  • To strengthen and empower both the child/youth and parent/caregiver.
  • To enhance social-emotional competencies and provide a positive and safe environment to learn skills and strategies.
  • To develop child/youth self-esteem.
  • Development of independent work habits, more effective time management and organizational skills
  • Increase knowledge base of parents to enable them to support their child with learning issues and build parenting capacity.

Program Details

  • Children/Youth attend the program once a week.
  • The program runs for 12 weeks.
  • Groups are provided in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, and Georgetown.
  • Programs start between 3:00 and 4:00pm and the program concludes at 7:00pm.
  • There is a fee for the program
  • A four-week Family Support Program runs in conjunction with the After School Treatment Program.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Children/Youth between 6 and 13 years of age.
  • Children/Youth who live in Halton.
  • Referrals are welcomed from parents/guardians, school staff, medical professionals, community services, etc.

To register for our After School Therapeutic Program
Please contact Jill Shaughnessy- Intake Coordinator
E-mail –  or at 905-681-2611

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Summer Therapeutic

The Therapeutic Summer Program is a group based program for children and youth who have attended the After School Treatment Program or Reconnecting Youth. The program is divided into two components. The first one is centre based targeting individual and group learning activities to enhance the development of effective social skills. The second component is community based focusing on group activities in the community to provide opportunities to practice the skills the children have learned. Activities planned will foster social skills and enhance peer relationships through involvement at the Centre and in the community.
The program focuses on social skills development with the emphasis on self esteem and expression of feelings through therapeutic programs and recreational activities.

This program incorporates recreational activities with therapeutic programming to develop effective peer relationships and build self-esteem.
We create opportunities for children and youth to practice social skills through community outings.
Summer programs operate for three weeks in July (ages 8-10) and three weeks in August (ages 11-13)
Teen Summer Program (ages 14 -17) operates 6 recreational activities and an overnight trip.
Youth must attend one or more of NYC’s programs in order to participate in summer program